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Common Problems

How do the different permission levels work?

What is the difference between an Operator and Controller? This page will outline and explain the different permission levels for Clever Logger users.
Cant Log into Clever Logger

For most of our users...

User permissions are overkill for most of our users. This is our advice on keeping things simple:

  1. You will always have at least one admin. (Chances are, most organisations will only have one user. That user will be admin.)
  2. If you do have additional users, they will either be “Admin” or “Controller”.


Being blunt, a “controller” or “operator” can’t stuff things up. They can just view the data.

For our power users

Permissions are designed to allow you to decide who has the ability to view data, run reports, change settings, and administer users.

A user can either be an ‘org-wide’ user, or a ‘site-specific’ user.

Org-wide users have the same access level for every site in your organisation.

Site-specific users can have different access to different sites (for example, they could only have access to one site)

Clever Logger Permissions Matrix

Viewer Operator Controller Editor Admin
View temperature/humidity data
View alarms
View configuration/settings
Receive alarm notifications
Respond to alarms
Receive reports
Create and view Reports
Add, edit and remove Notification Groups
Add, edit and remove Locations
Add, edit and remove Gateways
Add new sites
Change organisation/site details
Add, edit and remove users

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