Getting started with Clever Logger is easy

How many locations do you want to log?

Just one?

Our Starter Kit is ideal for monitoring a single fridge.

It contains one Logger and one Gateway.


More than one?


Clever Logger is easy to scale up to any number of sites and loggers –

Follow the instructions below…


Choose your Loggers

You will need one Logger for each location you wish to monitor.

e.g. If you have two fridges, you will need two Loggers.

There are three types of Logger available

Temperature only

Our most popular logger and, most likely, the one you will need.

These loggers have an internal temperature sensor so they sit inside your fridge.

Clever Logger CLT-01 Temperature Logger

Temperature and Humidity

This logger has internal temperature and humidity sensors. Ideal for greenhouses, storage rooms, manufacturing floors and more.

Clever Logger CLH-01 Temperature & Humidity Logger

Temperature only with External Probe

Use these loggers to monitor commercial cool rooms and freezers.

Clever Logger CLX-01 Temperature Logger with External Probe


How many Gateways do you need?

All Clever Logger systems must have at least one Gateway which is connected to your internet, either with an ethernet cable or with Wi-Fi.

There’s a limit to how far the Loggers can be from the Gateway and still communicate, so if your Loggers will be a long way apart (e.g. in separate rooms), you will need more than one Gateway.


The Clever Logger Gateway sits near the fridge being monitored. Every few minutes, it picks up the temperatures from your Loggers and saves them to the internet.


Model: CLG-01

All Clever Logger systems come with 12 months of online data storage. After this, data can be archived.

Bulk pricing starts with orders of 10 or more products.

CleverLogger Replacement Battery Kit

Need a fresh battery?

We recommend that you change the battery in your Loggers every 12 months.

The CR 2450 battery is readily available but, to make life easy, we can send you a kit that contains a quality battery, an instruction card and a handy mini screwdriver. The kit also contains a replacement decal for your logger.

Shipping is included in the price.


What is a Logger?

Loggers record the temperature

The Logger uses an internal sensor or external probe to measure temperature. It saves these temperatures readings to its memory.

Loggers transmit the temperature

Every few minutes, the Logger sends its readings to the Gateway, which saves it on the internet.

The loggers have replaceable batteries that will last 10-12 months.

What is a Gateway?

Gateways talk to Loggers

The Gateway receives the temperature readings from the Loggers. A single Gateway can talk to many Loggers, as long as they are in range.

Gateways are connected to the internet

The Gateway is the link between the Logger and the internet, allowing your data to be saved to your account.

Gateways can connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable, or using wi-fi

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