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Managing Alarms

Alerts are the heart of CleverLogger. They allow you to find out about problems in time to do something about them.

I've been notified about a problem


When a problem is detected a notification is sent to your email and the app on your phone (if installed).

Who receives the notification is determined by the notification group associated with the alarm. See Notification Groups for more information.

Notifications may also be automatically resent if not acknowledged. It is also possible for them to be sent to other people if not acknowledged within time. 


The first step is to acknowledge an alarm. This will stop the notifications being sent to people, and stop the escalation process.

This is YOU telling Clever Logger that you know about the problem, and you are dealing with it.


 Once the problem has been fixed you can then close the alarm. This is simply telling Clever Logger that you don’t care about the alarm any more. 

You can add notes to the alarm before closing it. This is useful for information like who dealt with it, what tests were run, if stock needed to be discarded etc.

Note: Closing an alarm simply hides it from immediate view. It is still available for viewing later and for reports.

How to view alarms

You can see alarms on a number of screens.

The overview page has a list of active alarms below the list of locations. 

There are options at the top of these lists to filter the alarms. In the case of the overview page, it defaults to “Unresolved”. It is possible to view only unacknowledged, unresolved or all. 

The Alarms option in the menu shows the same screen, just without the locations above it.

If you click on a specific location or gateway, you will see a list of alarms below the graph. These relate to that item only.

How to acknowledge an alarm

The eye icon is used to indicate that you have seen the alarm. 

Acknowledging the alarm will stop most of the automated notifications from repeating. 

How to add notes to an alarm

The notes feature allows you to store other information about the alarm. This could include:

  • What caused the problem
  • What you did to resolve the problem
  • Who resolved the problem (e.g. person or company)
  • What you did with the stock
  • Who you contacted

To add a note, just press the “Add note” button.

How to close an alarm

The tick icon is used to indicate that you have now finished processing the alarm.

If the tick button is ghosted out (as shown here), then you need to wait for the alarm to return to normal before closing it. For example, if it is an offline alarm you need to wait for the device to be online again.

How to view old alarms

Clicking on “all” will display a list of old alarms. You can then scroll to previous alarms with the navigation buttons at the bottom of the list.

We will be adding the ability to filter by date range one day. Hopefully by the time you are reading this out of date help.


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