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Connecting your Gateway to the internet using Wi‑Fi

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Using the Clever Logger App to connect your Gateway to Wi‑Fi

The Clever Logger Gateway can connect to a Wi‑Fi network. Connecting to Wi‑Fi often means you can position the Gateway closer to the Logger and get a better signal. Please note that Clever Logger cannot connect to Enterprise Wi‑Fi (with username) or hidden Wi‑Fi networks.

You will need two things ...

1. The Clever Logger app installed on your phone

In order to connect the gateway to Wi‑Fi, we will need to enter the Wi‑Fi password into the Gateway. Since the Gateway doesn’t have a keyboard, we are going to use a mobile phone to connect to the Gateway using Bluetooth so we can enter the password using the phone’s keyboard.

Any Apple or Android phone will do. An iPad will also work. You can uninstall the app when you are finished, if you like. You don’t need  the phone to be connected to Wi‑Fi. You just need to have Bluetooth turned on.

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2. The Wi‑Fi password

This is sometimes on a sticker on the bottom of your modem/router. Alternatively, you may need to ask your IT people to supply it.

If you’re not sure if the password you have is correct, you can try to connect your phone to the network first, using that password. If that works, the Clever Logger will normally have no problems.

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Install the Clever Logger app

The Clever Logger App is available for both iOS and Android.

Search for “Clever Logger” in the appropriate app store.

The CleverLogger App
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Log into the App

When you first open the app, you will see a form asking for your email address.

Enter your email address in the App. You will receive a email from Clever Logger with a six-digit authorisation code. Enter the code into the app and follow the instructions.

You only need to do this once.

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Use the app to connect to Wi‑Fi

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet added the new gateway to your account, see the instructions on this page.

Before you start, the Gateway should be nearby and switched on but not connected to Ethernet.

Your phone should have Bluetooth turned on.

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Choose Gateways from the menu.

You should see the new Gateway panel in your Gateways list.

Notice the “Last Activity: Never Seen”. This tells us that the Gateway is not connected to the internet yet.

Tap on the Gateway to see the Gateway details.

Click on the Network option to see the configuration options and details.

Click on the Go to Wi‑Fi Config button to access the Wi‑Fi configuration settings.

If you have not already been asked to allow the app to use Bluetooth, you may be asked to enable it. You should allow this.

Reboot the Gateway by pulling the power cable out and putting it back in. The gateway will boot up and go into connection mode.


Tap the button on the App that says I just turned my Gateway on.

The app will search for the gateway details.

If the app does not find the gateway, reboot the gateway and try the process again. Make sure the phone is close to the gateway while trying to make the connection.

When the app makes a connection with the gateway, you will see this screen. Tap on the Wi‑Fi – Not connected option.
Tap on the Wi‑Fi network you wish to connect to.
Enter the Wi‑Fi Password and tap the Connect button. *If you received an error stating “Error Writing Command Packet: Incorrect Password”, this most likely means that the password you entered was incorrect. We recommend checking the password is correct by connecting to the Wi‑Fi on a phone to check this.
The Wi‑Fi should now be connected. The process is finished and you can click Done to close the page.. *If you receive an error stating “Unable to connect – timed out”, attempt to press back and enter the Wi‑Fi details again. If the error appears again, unplug your Gateway for 10 seconds then plug it back in and begin these steps again. If issues persist please contact us on the number below.

On the Gateways page, you will see the Gateway now has a current “Last Activity” status.


If this process did not work for you, please check the following…
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is not plugged in.
  • Test the Wi‑Fi network by checking that you can see and connect to it on your smartphone.
  • Reboot the Gateway by pulling the power cord out and putting it back in, or by switching the power off and on at the wall.
  • Click on the settings icon in the top right of the app screen and choose Refresh.
  • Check with your IT department as to whether they have restrictions on devices connecting to Wi‑Fi. e.g. MAC address filtering.
  • You have the latest version of the App installed by searching Clever Logger on your App store/Google Play store and checking for updates
  • If you received an “Error Writing Command Packet” error notice, this usually means the password you have entered is incorrect. Check the password is correct by attempting to connect to the same Wi‑Fi normally on your phone.
  • If you receives an “Error Unable to connect – timed out”, unplug Gateway for 10 seconds and then plug it in and attempt from Step 3.
  • Try installing the app on a different phone and trying the process with that phone.
If you cannot connect the Gateway, call us on 1300 80 88 89 for support.


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