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How to remove a Clever Logger user

Has someone outstayed their welcome on Clever Logger? Find out how to kick them out of your home….page. Follow the directions outlined by the experts below.

Has a user been invited to the wrong site? Has a colleague resigned? Does someone not need to access Clever Logger anymore?

This page will outline the necessary steps when removing users from an account. Once this is done the user will no longer have access to reports, data and notifications.

If you wish to add them back – simply invite them so they may join again – no hard feelings pal!

Step 1. Settings Page

Clever Logger Settings
In your Clever Logger Dashboard, click on the Settings item in the menu.

Step 2. Removing a User

The Settings page shows you all the options for managing your organisation.

Click on the View button on the Users panel.


Select the user you want to delete


On this screen, you can edit some user settings or completely remove the user.



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