What are Notification Groups?

A Notification Group is a list of the people who will be notified when something goes wrong.

Notification Groups

Notification Groups are a very important concept in Clever Logger.

There are three basic things to understand …

  1. You can create as many Notification Groups as you like.
  2. You can add as many people as you like to a single Notification Group
  3. You can add as many Notification Groups as you like to a single event

For instance, you could create a different Notification Group for each person on your team

Or you can create a couple of groups, each with multiple members.

Only Users who have accepted the Clever Logger invitation can be added to a Notification Group.

Assigning Notification Groups to Events

When a temperature gets too high or too low, or the connection fails, someone needs to know.

To add a Notification Group to a Location, first click on the Location. Then click on the Edit Location Button.

Click the Next button to skip through the first two pages to get to the Temperature settings screen. On this page, you can add a new Notification Group or assign an existing Notification Group to the Location.

Notification Group is assigned when it is blue.


On the next screen, you can also assign Notification Groups for Offline Alarms and Low Battery Alarms. This can be the same Notification Group or you can create a new one.

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Location Views

In the top right corner of the Location page, you will find the View chooser.

There are three options: Simple, Detailed and Gauge.


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