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Is Clever Logger right for me

Clever Logger for vaccine fridges

Clever Logger for food safety

Save a bundle when you buy a Starter Kit

Clever Logger Starter Kits

Every Clever Logger system starts with a gateway and a logger.

Our Starter Kits bundle these two essential components with a healthy discount off buying the components separately.


Remember, there are NO ongoing fees with Clever Logger.

No more manual downloading

Traditional loggers have to be manually downloaded to get their data.

Clever Logger changes that. The Bluetooth loggers broadcast their temperatures and the gateway picks them up and saves them to the internet every few minutes.

This gives you a “live” log of temperatures available on any internet device (computer, tablet, phone), anywhere in the world on the Clever Logger web site.

The website also gives you immediate alerts about problems and automatic reports to your email inbox.

Is this right for you?

Almost certainly.

Every Clever Logger systems must have at least one logger and one gateway, so it makes sense to start with a Starter Kit and save yourself some money.

If you have just one location to be logged – e.g. a pharmacy, small medical centre or laboratory – then that’s all you’ll need.

If you have more than one location, you may need an additional loggers, gateways or even starter kits.

Alerts to your email and phone

But what if something goes wrong with the fridge and no one is manually checking it? Never fear, Clever Logger has you covered.

You can set up Clever Logger to send an email notification to one or multiple email addresses.

There is also a free app for iPhone and Android that can display an alert the instant there’s a problem.

You can be alerted about high and low temperatures and power loss.

Hate paperwork?

You'll love Clever Logger's reports

The thing you will love most about Clever Logger is the reports.

Instead of having to open special software or download data from a logger, Clever Logger reports are automatically emailed to you.

That’s right. You do nothing and a clear compliance report just appears in your inbox.

You can schedule the reports to be delivered once a month, once a week, once a day or even multiple times a day.