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When you first add a new logger to your account, there are a couple of steps that need to happen at our end before the logger settles down into its regular routine.

1. Syncing

First, we need to transmit the settings you have chosen to the logger. This process is called syncing and should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

2. Downloading First Recording

Once the logger has its settings, it can record and transmit its first recording. Again, this process usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

What can go wrong?

Logger won't sync settings

While the gateway is sending the settings to the logger, you will see this message …

The process should only take a few minutes. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, there is likely to be problem.

In most cases, you simply need to improve the signal strength between the gateway and the logger. Move the gateway closer to the logger, or move the logger closer to the gateway. The location should sync within a few minutes. 

If this fixes your problem, you will need to make the placement of the gateway and logger permanent. Sometimes, connecting the gateway to wi-fi rather than ethernet will allow you to move it closer to the logger.

If this doesn’t work, you can try other things…

  • Check that the gateway is connected to the internet. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Gateways page and check that the “Last Activity” status on your gateway is something recent e.g. A minute ago
  • Try rebooting the gateway by pulling the power cable out and putting it back in.

Logger won't download readings

When you get past the syncing settings stage, the logger’s first task is to take a reading and send it to the gateway. You will see this message…

This process should take a few minutes. Again, if it takes more than 10 minutes, there is likely to be an issue. Like the syncing problem, the most common fix is to improve the signal strength between the logger and the gateway and connecting the gateway to wi-fi may help.


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What is NATA?

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is the recognised national accreditation authority for analytical laboratories and testing service providers in Australia. It is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides independent assurance of technical competence. 

NATA accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices .

Location Views

In the top right corner of the Location page, you will find the View chooser.

There are three options: Simple, Detailed and Gauge.


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