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Editing a Clever Logger Location

Need to touch up the look and feel of your location? Want to add a delay to alarms or maybe you need to shorten your alarm threshold? Find out how below!

Are you getting an unnecessary amount of alerts notifying you to temperature or offline events? Do you simply just want to change a setting on your temperature/humidity logger?

This page will outline the necessary steps when editing a Clever Logger location. You will find multiple stages through the editing process such as low temperature alarms, high temperature alarm, low battery notifications, and offline location alarms. Ensure you read each buttons purpose and customise how you would like to personalise Clever Logger to your needs and wants.

Step 1. Dashboard Page

In your Clever Logger Dashboard, click on the Location item in the menu.

Step 2. Viewing a Location

Click on View, found inside your designated locations on the right-hand corner.

Editing a Clever Logger Location

Step 3. Editing a Location

Editing a Clever Logger location

Locate and click on the Edit Location button on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Go through all the prompts and change your location settings to how you see fit.

Step 4. Save Your Changes

Ensure you save at the end to confirm your changes.

If you get stuck on anything feel free to call the support team and let them know on 1300 80 88 89.


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