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Adding more Users to your account

Clever Logger temperature loggers allow you to have multiple users access the system. You can have admin users or access only.


Multiple user features

  • Multiple users can access the organisation’s data.
  • Once added, a user can be set up to possibly:
    • See results
    • Receive alarm emails and phone alerts
    • Receive automated reports
    • Create or receive ad-hoc reports
    • Manage alarms
    • Configure the system


  • You can set them up to see all sites or just a limited number.
  • You can set them up with full admin rights or  limited privileges. 


  • You can determine which notification groups they are in, and consequently which alarms they will receive
  • A user can log in to the phone app to then receive alerts to their phone as well.


Adding users to the system requires:

  1. You to ADD them to the system,
  2. They have to ACCEPT the invitation
This is to ensure that we comply with anti-spam rules (we can’t send multiple emails like alarm emails to someone who hasn’t asked for it) as well as making sure they know what to do with emails from Clever Logger.

Step 1

Settings Page

Clever Logger Settings
In your Clever Logger Dashboard, click on the Settings item in the menu.

Step 2

Send an invitation

The Settings page shows you all the options for managing your organisation.

Click on the View button on the Users panel.


Click on the Invite User button


Enter the email address of your invitee.

Set their role.


Step 3

Accepting the invitation

The new User will receive an email with an invitation to log into Clever Logger.

Once they have accepted that invitation, their name will appear in the list of Users who can be added to Notification Groups.

They will also be able to download the app and log into it with their email address.

Viewer Operator Controller Editor Admin
View temperature/humidity data
View alarms
View configuration/settings
Receive alarm notifications
Respond to alarms
Receive reports
Create and view Reports
Add, edit and remove Notification Groups
Add, edit and remove Locations
Add, edit and remove Gateways
Add new sites
Change organisation/site details
Add, edit and remove users


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