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Configuring the Clever Logger Dual Logger

The Dual logger allows you to monitor two environments with one logger. When the probe is placed in a vial of glycol, it is an ideal solution for vaccine fridges.
Clever Logger internal and external sensors

The Clever Logger Dual Logger

The Dual Logger (CLD-01) has two temperature sensors – a built-in sensor in the logger itself, and a second sensor in a probe.

When you configure the logger, you will notice that you can set separate alarm limits for each sensor.

Why is this important?

Imagine this scenario…

Your vaccine fridge loses power. Air temperature inside the fridge begins to rise and as it passes 8°, the fast reacting internal sensor starts to send out alerts. Meanwhile, the probe sensor, inserted in a vial of liquid to mimic vaccine temperatures, experiences a much slower rise so that, when the power is restored, there is a chance it has not even registered a breach. The dual logger gave you the benefit of early warning about a problem and also a log of temperatures to show the Health Department that proves that your liquid vaccines were not endangered by the power outage.

Configuring the logger for a vaccine fridge

Configuring the logger is just like configuring a normal temperature-only logger except you have separate screens for the two sensors.

screen shot of logger config
A screenshot of the first configuration screen - the internal sensor low temperature settings

You will go through …

  • Internal sensor low temperature alarm
  • Internal sensor high temperature alarm
  • Probe low temperature alarm
  • Probe high temperature alarm
  • Battery alarm, and
  • Offline alarm
Most often, you can just turn the alarms on for the internal sensor and turn them off for the probe.
Alternatively, if your fridge is generally consistent, you could set the internal alarms to be more aggressive – e.g. 3° and 7° – and set to notify someone immediately.  This will give you extra time to rectify a problem. Then you could turn the alarms on the probe sensor and set them to 8° and 15 minutes to notify someone else that a reportable breach had actually occurred.

Configuring the logger for a freezer or cool room

A lot of people use our Logger with External Probe for monitoring freezers and cool rooms. The probe wire is passed through the wall of the freezer allowing you to measure temperatures on the outside while still allowing the logger to have strong signal to the gateway.

The dual logger can also be used for these environments and gives the extra benefit of being able to log and alarm the ambient temperature outside the cool room – a factor that can have significant impact on the performance of the refrigeration.

For this purpose, you would configure the Probe alarm thresholds to suit the refrigerated environment (e.g. 0° to 5° for a cool room), but set the internal sensors thresholds to suit the outside ambient temperatures.



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