Leakproof Glycol Vial

Placing a logger’s probe in a vial of liquid allows you to mimic the temperatures being experienced by liquids (e.g. vaccines) rather than just measuring air temperature. Liquids heat and cool slower than the surrounding air and are less susceptible to quick fluctuations, such as opening the fridge door. This means your temperature log graph will have less severe peaks and troughs.



For use with Clever Logger external or dual loggers

How the leak-proof vial works

Clever Logger Vial

The probe is pushed through the rubber plug.

Clever Logger Vial

The plug forms a leak-proof seal on the vial. It is locked into place by the screw-on cap.

Why put glycol in the vial?

Propylene Glycol is a non-toxic, slightly viscous and colourless liquid. It is ideal for measuring temperatures because it has a freezing point of -59°C.

This means that if the fridge gets below zero, it won’t freeze, unlike some other liquids.


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