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What are high temperature alarms?

Clever Logger allows you to set a high temperature threshold for each logger.

If temperatures above this threshold are logged, the system can generate an alert.

Alerts can be sent out to your phone and/or email.

The high threshold can be set to any temperature or even turned off.

A delay can be placed on the alarms. This means you can set the system to ignore a number of out-of-range before it sends the alert.


What can cause a high temperature

Power outage

If the power fails, the fridge will warm up to room temperature quite slowly, thanks to its insulation.

When the power comes back on, you will see the temperature drop sharply.

graph of a power failure
The power outage graph shows a gradual rise in temperature
Door left open or ajar

If the door is left open, the temperature will rise more quickly than in a power failure.

graph door left open
The graph shows a more rapid rise in temperature
Fridge failing

One of the best things about Clever Logger is that it can show you the health of your fridge or freezer. This graph, for example, show a fridge desperately in need of regassing.

graph of fridge with low gas
This fridge is struggling to maintain a low temperature

Restocking involves opening the fridge door and sometimes placing warm product inside.

This restocking event was just enough to trigger an alarm

Fridges rely on good airflow to maintain a constant temperature. An overstocked fridge will have areas of warm and cold air. The difference can be 5° or more depending on the size of the fridge or freezer.

graph of overstocking
Overstocking has created a pocket of warm air near the logger
Defrost cycles

If you see a regular spike on your graph, it will be a defrost cycle. It is particularly noticeable in cool rooms and freezers.

You will need to adjust the delay on the alarm to account for the cycle.

This cool room regularly goes above 5° in its defrost cycle
Fridge needs adjusting

Sometimes, the answer is simply to adjust the fridge temperature dial. This staff fridge just needs to be dialled down a few degrees and everything will be fine.

This fridge simply needs to be adjusted

Do I need to do anything?

It is always recommended to check on your stock when a high alarm is alerting you and rectify the issue immediately.

Ensure the environment is still ventilating correctly. If you suspect the cooling system is not working, contact your refrigeration technician.

It is also important to ask other colleagues if they were doing anything with the logger during the period it was alerting. We get calls and find out a stocktake or re-stocking was in progress hence the fridge door was open.

Check the logger has not be moved or bumped from its original point of placement as it could be reading a hotspot in the environment.

Placing your Clever Logger loggers


If you are being alerted to often or you wish to be notified a little earlier to fluctuations, simply click here to find out how to change your alarm settings.

When configuring your logger you would have set a temperature threshold – where a certain range would be considered safe and anything out from those parameters would be cause for concern.  We DO NOT recommend increasing it to avoid alarms.

You can also specify the delay before an alarm is generated. This feature is specifically for giving the fridge a chance to cool down again quickly without notifying everyone of a problem. This is our recommended method 

managing alarms

How to change alarm settings

Physical changes

Moving the logger to a different location may change the temperature. Note that this is possibly just hiding the fact that you have parts of your fridge that are too warm.

Changing the layout of stock within your fridge (or getting a larger one!) will also change the results.

Another useful trick is to slow the response of the logger down a bit by placing it in box. The logger will typically respond to temperature changes faster than your stock (vaccines, food etc). By placing it inside a box, it will heat up and cool down slower. This removes the extreme highs and lows from the graph. Use a product box or small cardboard box. Do NOT use an enclosed plastic box because this will slow it down too much.


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What is NATA?

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