What happens if the power goes out?

Even if the power or internet drops out, the CleverLogger keeps right on logging on its internal memory. As soon as the connection is restored, the saved data will be automatically uploaded.

Clever Logger all have a built-in memory that can store many weeks’ worth of temperature data.

If the Logger can’t talk to the Gateway to transmit its data, it will happily keep measuring temperatures and saving them to its memory.

Then, when the power comes back on and the internet connection is restored, the saved data will upload to the Clever Logger database.

Letting you know

It’s all very well to know that your temperature data is safe, but wouldn’t it be better to know there was a problem before it’s too late?

Once your loggers are set up, the Clever Logger internet database will expect readings to be uploaded at regular intervals.If the power or internet goes out and readings don’t arrive, the system will start to generate alerts.

In the Clever Logger dashboard, you can configure the system to send alert emails to a list of addresses.

If you have the smartphone app installed on your phone and logged into your account, you can receive notifications about problems instantly, wherever you are.

Show initiative

If a power surge has occurred onsite, the following five actions will follow- 

    1. An offline notification will generate.
    2. The offline notification will continue to remind staff of the issue if not acknowledged.
    3. Once resolved, the offline reminders will discontinue.
    4. Clever Logger will upload all readings collected during this offline event.

    5. Clever Logger will generate all alarms triggered during this offline event.
To minimise the risk of being without data during a power surge, installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will ensure that your internet and Clever Logger remain online during a blackout. 

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