Adding a Location

Step 1 - Find your Logger in the Devices list

From your Clever Logger portal, click on Devices in the top menu.

Loggers that are switched on and in range of the Gateway will be shown in the Devices list.

If you can’t see your Logger in the list, check that it is switched on, and check that you can see the Gateway on the Gateways page.

Step 2 - Create a Location

Click on the Create Location button.

Give the Location a name. Optionally, you can also give it a description.

Hit the Next button.

Step 3 - Set the logging interval

Select your Logger. Choose a Logging Interval. For most applications, we recommend leaving the Interval at the default of 5 minutes. Changing this setting to a longer interval has no impact on battery life.

Step 4 - Set temperature alerts

Set the Temperature Alarm Range. For a vaccine fridge, this should be 2° to 8°C. For a food fridge or coolroom, it should be 0° to 5°C.

Set the Alarm Delays. This is how long the system should wait between when the first abnormal temperature is noticed and when the first alert is triggered. To prevent false positives, it’s often a good idea to choose a short delay (e.g. 20 minutes). This allows for quick fluctuations in temperature to be rectified by the fridge without causing an alert.

Note: You can turn off alarms by choosing No Alarms from the drop-down list.

Hit Next to continue.

Step 5 - Create a Notification Group

Click on Add New Group. Give the group a name. Optionally, add a description. Choose members of the Group from the User List.

Note: Only Users who have accepted the invitation and created a profile are available to be chosen.

Highlight the Notification Group to select it.

Hit Next to continue.

Step 6 - Set other notifications

Set the Delay Before Offline Alarms.

This is the time the system will wait between when the Logger loses contact with the Gateway and when the first alert is sent out.

Setting a delay here will help prevent false positives if something temporarily blocks the signal between the Logger and the Gateway.

Select an already created Notification Group to be alerted about Offline and Battery issues, or create a new group.

Hit Next to continue.

Step 7 - Review and Confirm

Review the settings you have chosen  and hit the Create button to save your Location.

Device = Logger = Location (sort of)

It can be helpful to understand that the terms Device, Logger and Location are very similar.

A Device is any device that can be seen by the Gateway. (At present, this is always a Logger.) We use this term for an item in the Devices list.

A Logger is what we call the actual physical tag that goes into the fridge.

A Location is a configuration. This includes the identification of a Logger. Locations  appear in the Locations page.