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Diagnosing Offline Location Issues

Clever Logger giving you the silent treatment? Did you forget the anniversary…again! Find out what the experts suggest below to fix this communication issue.
Clever Logger offline

My Location is Offline

Warning: When your location is offline we cannot tell what is happening with your temperatures. You must fix this problem for Clever Logger to work.

Clever Logger Offline Location Alarm

An offline location alarm is simply a indication that the logger has stopped responding to your gateway.

We recommend setting an offline location delay for 30 minutes – as this will give the logger a chance to reconnect to the gateway independently.

Why did this occur?

Flat Battery

The worst case scenario is the logger has a flat battery.

You are no longer recording.

Out of range

This is where the logger is far away from the base. In a vehicle for example. Or a handbag.

We assume it’s meant to be there. 


If the logger has been become wet or broken this will cause an offline location to alarm.

Inspect your device and check for any faults. It may need replacing.

Poor Signal

The most common issue is the line of sight between the logger and gateway is not clear. Walls, doors, equipment may be causing issues with connectivity.


  • Move the logger (Not near metal)
  • Move the gateway to another area for clearer communication (Think about Wi-Fi to bring gateway closer).
  • An external probe may be required.
  • Another gateway may be required

I don't care if it's offline!

There are some cases where you don’t care if the logger is offline. For example, you may only use it for occasional tests, or it spends most of its time in a vehicle. In this case you may want to simply disable the offline notification.

You can do this in the location configuration screen.

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