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Diagnosing Offline Location issues

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Why an offline location is a problem

Warning: When your location is offline we cannot tell what is happening with your temperatures. You must fix this problem for Clever Logger to work.

An offline location alarm is simply a indication that the logger has stopped responding to your gateway.

We recommend setting an offline location delay for 30 minutes – as this will give the logger a chance to reconnect to the gateway independently.

Clever Logger Offline Location Alarm

NOTE: Provided the logger is actually on, it will continue to log the temperature, and this data will be uploaded as soon as the logger is back on line.

How to fix an offline logger

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Gateway Online

Is the gateway online?

The gateway is the device that communicates with the network and our server. If it is offline then data can’t get from the logger to the server.

In Clever Logger, if a location is offline AND a gateway, we will let you know. Fix the gateway first, and then continue checking the location.

To see if  a gateway is offline, just click on “gateways” in the left hand menu. 

Gateways Menu

Fixing offline gateways

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Find the logger

We occasionally get a support call where it turns out that the logger has disappeared. That’s a euphemism for “tossed out”.

Click on the link below to see what the loggers look like. If you can’t find one in the fridge etc then that is probably why it is now offline.

Clever Logger Shop Icon

Shop to see what loggers look like

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Check the battery

Normally we will notify you that the battery is running low, but there is a slight chance that the battery has died.

If you have a model with a light on the front then check it. If it is flashing then the battery is fine. Note that it will only flash once every 10 seconds.

Some models also allow you to stop them. Press the power button to make sure they are turned on.

If you can not see the light flash then consider replacing the battery.

For models with no lights, finish the other checks before changing the battery.

How to replace a battery

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Poor signal

The most common issue is the line of sight between the logger and gateway is not clear. Walls, doors, equipment may be causing issues with connectivity.

You can also see the signal strength by either:

1. On the locations page of the dashboard, change from "Simple View" to "Detailed View" to see the current signal strength, or
2. On the graph page, select "View" and tick "Signal Strength". This will show you the historical signal strength. NOTE: A 0% signal strength means it was offline at the time and retrieved from the log. 

A signal strength above 15% is good and above 25% should be perfect. A signal strength below 10% becomes problematic.

To confirm that it is a distance issue, simply move the logger to be close to the gateway and it should come back on line. Note that it will take up to 5 minutes for the information to refresh in Clever Logger.

Possible solutions include:

  • Avoid having the logger next to metal
  • Move the logger (a good fridge location is hanging off a shelf in the middle and towards the front
  • Move the gateway to another area for clearer communication
  • Possibly use the Wi-Fi option to bring gateway closer.
  • An external probe may be required. This allows the electronics to be on the outside and the sensor to be on the inside. This is great solution for cool rooms and freezers.
  • Another gateway may be required
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Reset the gateway

Occasionally, resetting the gateway (unplugging the power and plugging it back in again) will fix the problem.

The gateway takes about 2 minutes to start. You won’t see the loggers come back on line for about 5 minutes.

This is an “acceptable” solution once, but if you are finding that you need to do it regularly then something is wrong and please contact us.


How to reboot a gateway

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Damaged or faulty

If the logger has been become wet or broken this will cause an offline location to alarm.

Inspect your device and check for any faults. It may need replacing. The obvious thing to check for is the power light that flashes (faintly) every 10 seconds.

If you have checked everything else and you still can’t get your logger on line, then please call us on 02 9614 6417 (or +61 2 9614 641 internationally) or email [email protected]


Contact Us

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Out of range deliberately

In some cases, such as monitoring a truck, the logger will deliberately be away from the gateway for an extended period. It is possible to:

  • totally disable the offline alarm, or
  • extend the offline timeout to being many hours or days

For more information, see configuring a location.

Clever Logger Alarms
adding a logger

Configuring locations

I don't care if it's offline!

There are some cases where you don’t care if the logger is offline. For example, you may only use it for occasional tests, or it spends most of its time in a vehicle. In this case you may want to simply disable the offline notification.

You can do this in the location configuration screen.

adding a logger

Configuring locations


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Location Views

In the top right corner of the Location page, you will find the View chooser.

There are three options: Simple, Detailed and Gauge.


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