Why am I getting Offline errors?

Offline errors can come from either gateways or loggers. Here's how to diagnose and fix some common problems.
Clever Logger Gateway Offline Panel

Offline Error from Clever Logger Gateway

The Clever Logger internet server is expecting your gateway to get in touch at regular intervals. If it doesn’t hear from the gateway after a certain amount of time (which you can set when configuring the gateway), Clever Logger will sound the alarm.

If the gateway is offline it has either:

  • No power
  • No internet

Clever Logger doesn’t know which of these has happened – it just knows that the gateway hasn’t contacted the internet.

Obviously, if the power is out, you’ll want to know about it because it means that your fridges and freezers may also be without power. So Clever Logger sends out an alarm.

Troubleshooting this Alarm

The first step is to determine whether the alarm has been caused by loss of power or loss of internet, and that should be fairly simple – if the red power light is not lit on the gateway, then the problem is power, if it is, the problem is the internet connection.

Gateway power slot

No Power

If the power is on in the building …

  • Check that the power cable is plugged correctly into the gateway.
  • Check that the power supply is plugged into the wall and the switch is on
  • If the power supply is plugged into a power board, check that the circuit breaker has not tripped.
  • Try plugging the gateway into a different power point.

If there seems to be no good reason for the power issue, the gateway itself may have a fault. Call us for warranty replacement options.


No Internet

First up, reboot the gateway by pulling the power cord out and putting it back in. The gateway is basically a mini computer so a reboot often fixes issues. Rebooting takes about 30 seconds.
Gateways can either connect with Ethernet or wi-fi.

Ethernet connection
  • Check that the Ethernet cable is plugged in correctly.
  • If the Ethernet connection is active, you should see one of the lights under the Ethernet port on gateway flickering or flashing. If you don’t see this, it’s likely that the Ethernet connection is not active.
    • Try a different Ethernet port to see if the gateway can connect
    • Check with your IT people to see if they can make the port active
  • If the light below the Ethernet port is flashing but the gateway still won’t connect, your IT people may have placed some restrictions on what devices can connect to the network. You can find the IT requirements for the gateway on this page. Restrictions are often based on the MAC address of the gateway. You can find your MAC address by choosing Gateways from the menu and then clicking on your gateway.

If your gateway was previously connected to wi-fi, but now is not, a number of this could have happened…

  • The wi-fi network could be down.
    • Try connecting to the network on your smartphone and seeing if you can access the internet. If not, try rebooting the router.
  • The wi-fi password may have been changed.
    • If the password has been changed on the wi-fi network, you will need to reconnect the gateway. Use the Clever Logger app on your phone to reconnect. Call us if you get stuck.
  • The wi-fi signal may be too weak at the gateway.
    • Make sure the wi-fi signal from the router to the gateway is not blocked by thick walls or metal e.g. Don’t put the gateway in a metal cabinet.
  • Retrictions may have been placed on devices.
    • IT departments often restrict which devices are allowed to connect to the network. Check that no restrictions have been put in place.
    • Remember, Clever Logger does not require access to access to any local computers or servers, so a guest wi-fi network is ideal.
Clever Logger Location Offline

Offline Error from Clever Logger Logger

The logger communicates with the gateway using Bluetooth. Bluetooth provides a smart and robust connection, but the range is limited. If the connection is broken, the logger will issue an offline alarm.

The difference between “Last Seen” and “Last Log”

The logger is broadcasting temperatures almost constantly. The gateway “sees” these temperatures and regularly updates the “Last Seen” time. When the time comes to record a temperature to the log, the gateway takes the most recent temperature and saves it to the database. This is the “Last Log”.
If the gateway doesn’t have a recent temperature from the logger when it’s time to write to the log,  it records a missed reading and tries to send a message back to the logger requesting the missing temperature. The location will stay in offline alert until that missing temperature is received.

Troubleshooting Offline Loggers

An offline logger will be caused by one of two things …
  • A flat battery in the logger
  • Failure of the gateway and logger to communicate
Flat battery

The battery in a Clever Logger logger should last around 18-24 months but we recommend that you change them every 12 months for safety. Here are instructions on how to change the battery.

The easiest way to tell if the battery is flat is to look at the In Use light on the logger. If the logger is working, the light will flash once, really briefly, every 10 seconds. If you do not see this light, the problem is probably with the battery.

Failure to communicate with the gateway

By far the most common cause of Offline Alarms is a breakdown in communication between the logger and the gateway.

Understanding radio signals

In order for the logger to send data to the logger, there must be a
clear path for the Bluetooth radio signal. Radio waves do not pass through metal
and they struggle with solid brick walls. They pass easily through

Some tips …

  • On the Locations page of the dashboard, change from Simple View to Detailed view to see the signal strength.
  • Try moving the gateway closer to the logger. If you are constrained by the location of an Ethernet port, consider using wi-fi.
  • Do not place the logger flat against a metal wall as this severely restricts the radio signal. e.g. do not mount the logger directly on fridge wall. It is better hanging from a shelf in the middle of the fridge.
  • If you have multiple locations that are a fair distance apart, consider getting a second gateway.
Clever Logger Location Offline disparity
Disparity between Last Seen and Last Log

When you see a disparity between the Last Seen and Last Log, this means that the logger is getting signals out to the gateway, but the gateway is not able to get a log request message back to the logger.  The fix is to temporarily  place the logger next to the gateway for a few minutes until the two have synchronised. Long term, you will probably need to improve the signal strength by moving the gateway closer to the logger.


If you are receiving offline errors often, you MUST make changes to your set-up

Clever Logger relies on good communication between the loggers and the gateways, and between the gateways and the internet.

If you are getting regular offline errors, you need to make changes to improve the signal.

If you need a hand to troubleshoot your set-up, call us on 1300 80 88 89.

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