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Why am I getting Offline errors?

Offline errors can come from either gateways or loggers. Here's how to diagnose and fix some common problems.

Why are offline alarms a problem?

The Clever Logger  internet server is expecting your gateway and loggers to get in touch at regular intervals. If it doesn’t hear from them after a certain amount of time (which you can set), Clever Logger will sound the alarm.

Gateway offline

If the gateway is offline it has either:

  • No power
  • No internet
  • A faulty gateway

Clever Logger doesn’t know which of these has happened – it just knows that the gateway hasn’t contacted the internet.

Obviously, if the power is out, you’ll want to know about it because it means that your fridges and freezers may also be without power. So Clever Logger sends out an alarm.

Logger offline

If the logger is offline it may be due to:

  • Dead battery
  • Too far away from the gateway
  • Gateway is offline

Clever Logger doesn’t know which of these has happened – it just knows that it doesn’t have recent data for the location.

NOTE: When the location comes back on line, the system will automatically download the missing data (except for a dead battery of course). You won’t lose data, it will just be delayed.

Step 1: What is offline?

In the alarm message will be the type. We also recommend that you use the word “gateway” or similar in the description of the gateway to make sure it is very obvious.

If you have both an offline gateway AND an offline location, then typically they are both caused by the offline gateway.

Fix the offline gateway first.

Step 2: Get it back online!

No, why am I getting these alarms?

  • You are receiving these alarms because the gateway or logger is configured to send alarms when it goes offline.

Within the configuration for offline alarms is a list of notification groups that it will send the notification to. You are in one or more of those groups.

To stop receiving offline alarms either:

  • disable the alarm (a good option if you are continually disconnecting power to the gateway or your internet is super unreliable)
  • remove yourself from the notification group (but you won’t receive any other alarms that the notification group is assigned to)
  • create a new notification group without you in it, and assign it to the offline alarm


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