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Clever Logger Offline Gateway Alarms

The Clever Logger gateway is the link between your loggers and the internet. If it is offline, this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

Read the FAQ article

A detailed explanation of offline errors is available in our FAQ section

My gateway is offline

Warning: When your gateway is offline we cannot tell what is happening with your loggers. You must fix this problem for Clever Logger to work.


An offline gateway alarm is simply a indication that the gateway has stopped responding to your network.

Whilst your gateway is offline, the loggers will continue to record using their own back up memory. Once you have reconnected your gateway, your loggers will send the information collected during that period of time.

We recommend setting an offline gateway delay for 5 minutes as you want to be notified of this issue as soon as possible.

My gateway used to be online - but now it isn't

Power Outage

The worst case scenario is a loss of power to the site.

Your fridge and stock etc. are now at risk.

Network Disruption

The second cause is your internet access is down.

Your fridge etc. should be fine, but we cannot be sure.

Your business may also be impacted if the internet is not fixed by start of business.

Ensure that the internet is working on another device within the facility.

Disconnected Gateway

A common problem is for the gateway to be unplugged from the power. Gateways are supplied with stickers to say “do not unplug”, but it still happens. It is also possible to accidentally bump the power pack.

Check the power light on the gateway to make sure it is on.

Network Changes

By this we mean things like:

  • Wi-Fi password has changed. If so, reconfigure the Wi-Fi in the gateway
  • Someone disconnected the cable at the router or switch (very likely in large organisations)
  • IT turned on new security rules because they can
  • Someone cut the network cable in the roof (don’t laugh, it happened)

WIth the last 3, the only thing you can do is talk to your IT department to find out if something has changed. If you don’t have an IT department, they aren’t likely. 

Network Tips

I can't connect my gateway in the first place

Adding a gateway resources


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