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Why Clever Logger is a busy nurse's best friend


Once the Clever Logger is set up, the only time you'll touch it is to change the battery once or twice a year.

Never needs downloading

It's all automatic. Clever Logger saves the temperature reading to the internet without you doing anything.

Reports to your email

No need to log in to get your results - you'll get a weekly or daily email with a PDF report automatically.

Alerts to your phone

If something goes wrong, you'll know straight away with a notification on your smartphone.

Check fridges from anywhere

No need to be near the fridge to check the temperature. Great for managers looking after remote locations.

Logs when the power is out

Loggers have built-in memory that records temperatures all the time. Even if the power goes out, your data is safe.

Hi, I’m Shane van de Vorstenbosch.

I’ve been selling temperature loggers for nearly 20 years and I’ll tell you one thing about all of them… it’s the software that makes the difference.

Which is why we’ve created a new range of temperature loggers. We’ve sourced some really good hardware components, but we’ve also written the software from the ground up – based on everything customers like you have told us over the years.

This is the Clever Logger system.

You told me you want a wireless system. Just set and forget. This is it. Place the logger in the fridge – or wherever. Connect the gateway into the internet with a network cable, or connect it to your wi-fi network, and you’re up and running.

How often do you read the data? You don’t. Unlike other systems, you’ll never need to touch the logger again until it tells you it needs its battery replaced in a year or so. It just sits there logging temperatures – and/or humidity – and sending its data up to the internet.

All the configuration is done on the internet too. You never need to install software on your computer or worry about updates and old versions. You just log into your Clever Logger account using a browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome and you have total control over your loggers, your locations and your temperature data. It works on PC or Mac or even your iPad.

You’ve told me you want easy reporting. Done. Set up daily, weekly or monthly reports – or create a custom report anytime. The reports are emailed straight to you as a PDF or spreadsheet. You can even have a list of people who get them. They are straightforward. A summary, an easy to read graph and a table of data. You can see at a glance what’s happening. And it’s right there in your inbox.

But what if something goes wrong? You want to know straight away, right? Clever Logger  comes with an app for your iPhone or Android phone. If the temperature gets too high or too low, or the internet drops out, you’ll instantly get a notification on your phone.

Imagine that. It’s 2am and the main refrigerator dies. You don’t have to wait until the next morning to find all your ruined stock. You’ll get an alert on your phone straight away.

Clever Logger can replace any of your existing temperature and humidity logging systems. It’s perfect for vaccine fridges. It can sit in a restaurant freezer. It can tell you what’s going on in your incubator, or your ingredient storeroom. With our external probe model, you can even monitor liquids.

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