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I can’t log into Clever Logger

Can’t enter the club without Identification sorry. Are you having issues logging into the hottest place on the web? Find out below some of the common reasons for this mess, and we’ll get it cleaned up asap.
Clever Logger login

Have you ever Logged on before?


If you have not logged in previously you will need to create a Clever Logger account.

If you are trying to join an existing Clever Logger account, check you have been invited.

In both these cases, make sure that the correct email address was used (check for typos) to ensure you will receive the email.

And then check your spam folder to make sure it isn’t there.


If you have successfully logged into Clever Logger previously check you haven’t typed your email incorrectly. Ensure that you haven’t misspelled the address and you are using the correct email domain.

Then make sure the email we send you isn’t being killed by a spam filter. 

If this still doesn’t work – read on.

OK, seriously now check the email address for a typo. 90% of the time it is a silly mistake. Clear the email address and type it in again.

If you haven’t logged in for a while, is it the right email address? Quite often the account was setup under a generic email like “[email protected]” and then the user is trying their own email like “[email protected]”. 

And then recheck your spam folder. It’s going to be in there. Or the “clutter” folder. By this stage it is getting annoying. If you are a corporation, contact IT to find out if the email is being blocked. 

If there is someone else administering your account, there is a chance they may have disabled your login. Unlikely, but we are getting desperate for reasons.

If this still doesn’t work – contact us.

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