Connecting your Gateway to power and Internet

Before you begin, add your Gateway to your account in the CleverLogger dashboard.

Step 1. Connecting the power

Gateway power slot

Plug your Gateway power supply into a powerpoint as close as possible to where the Logger will be located.

Connect the power supply to this port on your Gateway.


If you look through the grille on the end of the Gateway, you will see a red light to indicate the power is connected.

Step 2. Connecting to the Internet

You can connect the Gateway to the Internet using either a network cable (Ethernet) or WiFi.

Connecting using Ethernet


Use the supplied Ethernet cable to connect this port on the Gateway with an Ethernet port on your office network.

The Gateway will use DHCP to acquire an IP address on your network.

In most cases, no other actions are necessary. The Gateway will now be visible on the dashboard.

Connecting using Wi-Fi

Connecting the Gateway to your office network can allow you to place it closer to the Logger location, ensuring a stronger signal.

To connect, you will need to install the App on your smartphone.

Read the full instructions on how to connect the Gateway to Wi-Fi.

I.T. Notes

CleverLogger will ‘just work’ on most networks, however on some corporate networks, you may need to get your I.T. team to configure some settings to allow it to work through the firewall.

The below information should help, or they can call or email us if they have any other questions.

  • Ports: 80 and 443 (TCP)
  • URL’s: anything under the domain ‘’. A wildcard firewall for all subdomains is best.
  • Time: The Gateway needs an accurate time source, and gets this via NTP. Please ensure your firewall allows for NTP traffic on port 123 (UDP)
  • MAC Address: Please contact us if you require the MAC address of your Gateway
  • Ethernet: 100Base-T and Gigabit
  • WiFi:
    • Frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11.b/g/n/ac
    • Protocols: WPA and WPA2 (WEP, WPA-Enterprise, and hidden networks are not currently supported. Support coming soon)