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Adding a Clever Logger gateway

Adding your new Clever Logger Gateway to your account is the first step to getting online.

Step 1. Open the Clever Logger dashboard


Go to the Clever Logger dashboard

Click on Gateways.

Click on the Add a Gateway button in the top right corner.

Clever Logger add-a-gateway-button

Step 2. Enter your Gateway details


You will need to name your Gateway. A good idea is to name it according to where it will be placed (e.g. Kitchen Gateway or Treatment Room Gateway).

ID and PIN

Find the ID and PIN on the bottom of the Gateway.


Offline Alarms

Once connected, the Gateway will be in constant contact with the Clever Logger internet server. If your power or internet fail and the contact is lost, Clever Logger can let you know.

This alarm is switched on by default and, unless you specifically don’t want to be notified about connection problems, we recommend that you leave it on.

Offline Alarm Delay

The default here is five minutes because you probably want to be notified as soon as possible if the power is out. However, if your power or internet regularly suffers from short breaks, you may want to choose a longer delay so that you get fewer alarms.

Offline Notification Groups

This is the list of people who will receive a notification if the Gateway goes offline. A default group with one member (you) was set up when you first created your Organisation.


Click the Add Gateway button to finish

You will be redirected to the Gateway detail page.

The next step is to Connect the Gateway to the Internet.

Your ID and PIN are on a sticker on the bottom of the Gateway


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