Once you have a Clever Logger, it's hard to imagine life without it

CleverLogger-nurse-running-lateLife WITHOUT Clever Logger CleverNurse is jumping for joyLife WITH Clever Logger
Wasting time taking the logger from the fridge to the computer and downloading results
Downloading is automatic. You never have to touch the logger.
Wasting time creating reports and emailing them to people
Reports automatically created and emailed to notification lists without you doing anything.
Worrying about whether you restarted the logger when you put it back
Knowing that the logger is always running and it would tell you if it wasn't
Finding out that the fridge door was left open and all the vaccines are ruined
Getting an alert on your phone to tell you there's a problem with the fridge in time to do something about it.
Having to download, install and learn new software
Using your favourite web browser
Only being able to see results from one computer
Being able to see results from anywhere, even a regional office in another state
Having to train new people in the whole temperature logging process
Everything just keeps working, no matter who leaves