Understanding the lights on the Clever Logger gateway

The Power Lights on the Clever Logger gateway have different patterns for different events. Find out what they mean

There are 2 sets of lights that can be found on the Clever Logger Gateway...



Is it on?



Is it connected?

The Power Light

The gateway must be connected to power.

Technically the power light isn’t a “power” light. It provides some very simple information on what the software is up to. If you don’t see any light, the power is off, the power cable is unplugged or faulty, or the gateway is faulty. 


The gateway is basically a mini computer so when you first turn it on, it has to boot us. While this is happening, the red light is on but not flashing and the green light will flicker. Duration: about 30 seconds.


Once the gateway has booted up, it must load the the Clever Logger app. While this is happening, the green light is not flashing and the red light flashes slowly. Duration: about 15 seconds.


Once the app is loaded, the gateway enters connection mode. Both lights flash quickly. This is when you can connect to the gateway with the phone app.


When the gateway is connected, the red light is not flashing and the green light  flashes slowly.

Network/Ethernet port lights

The port labelled NETWORK on your Gateway is the spot where you will connect the ethernet cable (blue cable included in the kit) to your ethernet source. 

Below the network port there are two lights – green and orange. 


What do the lights mean?

The lights indicate two things – whether there is connection that is passing data, and what speed that connection.


The connection is not active. Often office network ports need to be “patched” at the other end. This is something for your IT people.


The connection has no data being passed. Again, this is an issue for your IT people.


There is a connection to a 10/100Mb network. The gateway should work with this network.


There is a connection to a 1000Mb network. The gateway should work with this network.

If your Gateway has successfully connected to via Ethernet, it will be visible in the “Gateways” tab on cloud.cleverlogger.com to the organisation you have registered it.


Gateway was previously working

The gateway has been online, and has recently gone offline.

We are looking for “what’s changed?”

Has I.T. been on site?

They may have disconnected it at the patch panel.

Has someone been playing with the router/patch panel? 

They may have disconnected it.

Is the network cable still plugged into the wall and gateway?

Just unplug it and plug it back in to make sure.

Is your network still working?

If your computers don’t have internet access, then our gateways won’t either.


If none of these work, try turning the gateway off and back on again. And if that still doesn’t work, ask your staff these questions again. Chances are someone will say “oh, that’s right, I …”

Gateway has never worked

This is the first time you are connecting the gateway and the network lights won’t turn on.

For smaller customers, you need to plug the gateway directly into your internet modem or router, or use WiFi. The supplied blue cable is there to help you, but keep in mind that you can use a longer or shorter one if that makes life easier.


For most customers, this is the realm of IT, but we will explain a bit of jargon to help with your conversation.

The network socket in the wall has a cable running back to the patch panel. This is NOT the router. Another cable is required to connect that lead in the patch panel to the router. Quite often there are plenty of spare wall sockets, but very limited ports free in the router.

Hopefully it is just a matter of physically making this connection on the patch panel. On some sites, there won’t be spare capacity on the router, and your IT department / person will advise on alternative solutions (and keep in mind you have WiFi as an option).

In some cases the cable to the patch panel doesn’t exist or has been cut.


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