How scalable is CleverLogger?

CleverLogger can be used by any sized organisation - from a small pharmacy with one fridge to a chain of hospitals, each with dozens of fridges. Reports and alerts can be centralised or distributed to individual sites as required.
How scalable is CleverLogger

Great for one fridge - awesome for dozens

If you manage a group of pharmacies or medical centres and have responsibility for fridges in different locations, you are going to love CleverLogger. We can set you up as a CleverLogger organisation. Below the organisation, you can have as many sites as you like. And each site can have as many loggers as you want. So your structure might look like …
  • ACME GROUP (Organisation)
      • Vaccine Fridge (Location)
      • Drug Storage Cupboard (Location)
    • SYDNEY OFFICE (Site)
      • Upstairs Fridge (Location)
      • Downstairs Fridge (Location)
      • Vaccine Fridge (Location)
      • Storage Room (Location)

Reports and notifications to the people that need them

You can configure reports and alerts to go to different people across the organisation.

Urgent temperature alerts should go to the phones of the local staff so they can do something about them.

Daily or weekly reports can also go to local managers, while head office managers might just get a monthly summary.

It’s all configurable with CleverLogger.

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