Does CleverLogger meet vaccine logging guidelines?

There is a lot of confusion amongst pharmacies and medical centres about what is required to comply with logging guidelines. How does CleverLogger measure up?
Does CleverLogger meet vaccine logging guidelines strive for five

Are the Strive For 5 guidelines relevant to CleverLogger?

The Strive For 5 guidelines say …

CleverLogger is the most advanced temperature logger on the market and many of Strive For 5’s guidelines don’t make much sense when applied to CleverLogger.

All you need to know is …

CleverLogger totally blows the Strive for 5 requirements out of the water!

To understand why, let’s look at the intent of the Strive For 5 guidelines.

Checking the min-max twice a day

Strive For 5 says …

The intent of this guideline is clear – to get a “timely alert“. You want staff to know as soon as possible when a fridge fails. Twice a day was a compromise between safety and the use of staff’s time.

Does CleverLogger record the temperature twice a day?

Twice a day? Pffft! CleverLogger records the temperature 12 times an hour!

CleverLogger will send a notification to the user’s email and smartphone within minutes of a breach. This is clearly more timely that a twice a day check.

Now there is no compromise between patient safety and the use of staff’s time.

Downloading the data every week

The intent here is to have a permanent record of temperature data. It is not intended to pick up breaches, but to ensure that you have the records.

CleverLogger blows this one out of the water too.

CleverLogger downloads the data every five minutes. The data is stored on our secure server. A PDF or Excel data report is also automatically emailed to the user. These reports can be printed or stored electronically.

At any time, historical data (right down to the actual temperature reading in a five minute period) can be viewed and a PDF or Excel report on a specific period can be created.

Visibility of the logger

The guideline says …

The intent is for staff to be able to check the temperature at any time.

So placing it where it is easily seen is great, if you’re near the fridge.

CleverLogger can show you the temperature of the fridge on your phone no matter where you are in the building. Did I say the building? I meant the world.

Sounding the alarm

The guideline says …

Most current loggers signify there is a problem by making a small red light flash. This is useful for people who are looking at the Logger and not much use for anyone else.

CleverLogger alerts users by sending notifications to email and the smartphone app. No matter where the user is, they can get the alarm in time to do something about it.

Calibrate the Loggers every year

The temperature sensor in a CleverLogger is digital and does not need regular calibration.

Read more about calibration.

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