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How to add a user to a Notification Group

Clever Logger is the next best thing since sliced bread! Invite some of your colleagues to be notified when an event is triggered – Find out how below.

One of Clever Logger’s most exciting features is its ability to notify users when something goes wrong.

Once a new user has been invited and they have accepted the invitation, you can add them to any existing Notification Group. This means they will get alert emails and smartphone  messages.

There are two way to do this. Here is one…

Adding users to Notification Groups

Clever Logger Settings

In your CleverLogger Dashboard, click on the Settings item in the menu.

Click on Sites in the left-hand menu.

Choose a site that has the required Notification Group.


Edit the Notification Group

Click on the “Users to be notified” box and choose the new User from the list.

Save the Group.


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