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How to sort and save Clever Logger report emails

Did we make reports obsolete?


With old-fashioned loggers, it was vital for users to regularly download data reports from the logger and save them to their computer. This was necessary for two reasons…

  1. If the logger’s memory filled up, old data could be overwritten
  2.  If there were out-of-range temperatures, the user needed to read the report to find out about them.

Clever Logger overcomes all these issues.

  1. There are no memory issues because the data is automatically downloaded to the Clever Logger database.
  2. Users are notified immediately if there are temperature breaches.
  3. Users can generate an instant report on any date range with just a few clicks. This is far quicker that searching through old saved report files.

So, Clever Logger reports are still something a lot of people want, but not many people need.

This post will show you how to filter these emails into a special folder so they are not clogging up your inbox.

Report email subject lines

When Clever Logger emails you a report, the subject line changes depending on the content of the report.

If there has been a breach, this will be reflected in the email subject …

New Report: ACME Fridge (2022/06/04) :: 7 alarms found

If there have been no alarms, you can see this at a glance …

New Report: ACME Fridge (2022/06/04) :: No alarms found

We can use this subject line to filter the emails.

Outlook users

Follow these steps to create an Outlook Rule that will sort your No Alarm emails into their own folder.

Step 1

From the Home ribbon, click on Rules, and click on Create Rule.

Clever Logger Outlook Rule

Step 2

Tick the box next to Subject contains and enter the text :: No alarms found

Clever Logger Outlook Rule

Step 3

On the same screen, tick the box next to Move the item to folder.

And click on the Select Folder button.

Clever Logger Outlook Rule

Step 4

We will create a whole new folder to save these emails… 

Click on the New button.

Clever Logger Outlook Rule

Step 5

Give your new folder a descriptive name. In this example, we have called it Clever Logger No Alarm Reports.

Step 6

Next we need to choose where the new folder will be created. In the panel below, select the Inbox.

Then click OK.

Clever Logger Outlook Rule

Step 7

You will now see the new folder in the list. Select it and click OK.

Clever Logger Outlook Rule


On the success message, you have the option to run the rule on report emails already in your inbox.

Optional steps

If you would like to add some additional filters or actions to your rule, e.g. automatically marking these emails as read, you can explore the Advanced Options in Step 2.

Gmail users

Because the Gmail interface is so customisable, screenshots for this section will not be as relevant.

Step 1

Click on the Settings icon () at the top right of the page.

Then click on See all settings.

Step 2

From the list of options across the top of the page, choose Filters and blocked addresses

At the bottom of that panel, click on Create a new filter.

Step 3

Clever Logger gmail Rule

In the Subject field, type the following (including the quotation marks) …

“:: No alarms found”

… and click on the Create Filter link.

Gmail is not a big fan of having the colons in the search, so it askes you to confirm. Just hit OK.

Clever Logger gmail Rule

Next, you need to choose what to do with the emails.

You have various options. We suggest you mark the email as read and apply a label. You will want to create new label e.g. Clever Logger No Alarms

Clever Logger gmail Rule


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