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Email Considerations

Clever Logger will send a number of emails including:

  • Account creation authorisation
  • One-time passwords
  • Periodic reports
  • Alarm notifications including:
    • high temperature
    • low temperature
    • offline

It is critical that emails are able to be received by users. All emails are sent from:

[email protected]

If a user marks an alarm or report notification as spam, they will need to reverse this in their email application.

If a user is unable to receive the account creation authorisation, and it is not in their spam filter, then IT will need to check the email provider’s spam filter. 

Gateway Considerations

Clever Logger gateways will ‘just work’ on most networks, however on some corporate networks, you may need to get your IT team to configure some settings to allow it to work through the firewall.

The below information should help, or they can call or email us if they have any other questions.

Firewall Considerations

  • Clever Logger gateways need DNS, HTTPS access to the Clever Logger servers, as well as NTP access to accurately get the time. Please refer to the table below for a list of domains that need to be accessible. You can use the ‘Run Connectivity Test’ functionality of the Clever Logger app if you are having issues getting the gateway connected to the internet.
  • Note: it is preferable that you use a domain name for a firewall rule, not a specific IP address, as the IP addresses associated with these domains will change dynamically. We provide no guarantee that IP addresses will remain the same. If this is an issue for your environment, please contact us to discuss alternatives.
  • Some firewalls and other network security devices implement HTTPS inspection – aka SSL inspection, TLS inspection, TLS break and inspect, HTTPS interception, and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Clever Logger gateways do not work if SSL inspection is enabled, as they can’t securely connect to the Clever Logger cloud. Please disable SSL inspection in your firewall to allow the gateway to connect correctly.

MAC Address

  • The WiFi and Ethernet MAC addresses of your gateway can be found via the Clever Logger web app, in the gateway details screen, or via the mobile app.


  • 100Base-T and Gigabit
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter is available to purchase here


  • Frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11.b/g/n/ac
  • Protocols: WPA and WPA2 (WEP, WPA-Enterprise, and hidden networks are not supported.)
Note: Wi-Fi is probably the most challenging aspect of rolling Clever Logger gateways out across so many sites. We currently support about 99% of sites without any issues. For the occasional 1%, we can make two offers:
1. We will have a software developer work with you to make the gateway work with your Wi-Fi. In some cases this has taken a while to work out what was the issue on site and to develop a solution. Once we fix the issue it becomes part of the standard product.
2. We refund your purchase. 

DHCP / Static IPs

  • The Clever Logger gateway requires DHCP. It does not currently support static IP addresses.
  • If you would like to have the gateway on a static IP, and you have DHCP available on your network, your router may allow you to set a ‘DHCP IP Reservation’. Please consult the manual for your router for more information.

DNS (Domain Name System)

  • The Clever Logger gateway requires DNS in order to turn domain names into IP addresses.
  • The gateway will first attempt to use the DNS servers that are suggested via DHCP. If this fails, the gateway will attempt to connect to the DNS servers listed in the table below.

NTP (Network Time Protocol)

  • The Clever Logger gateway requires NTP to sync the time. It will first attempt to use your own local NTP servers (information supplied via DHCP), and if that fails it will attempt to contact the NTP servers listed below.
    • Please note: older versions of firmware (before April 2023) had issues using NTP servers provided via DHCP. If you’re struggling to get NTP to work, please contact us and we can check the firmware version.
  • Ensure that your internal NTP server is available by the gateway. In some sites the NTP server was behind a firewall and blocked to the gateway.


The following are the domains that the Clever Logger gateway currently needs access to.

Domain / IP Details
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
TCP port 80 (HTTP)
UDP port 123 (NTP)
TCP port 80 (HTTP)
UDP port 123 (NTP)
TCP port 80 (HTTP)
UDP port 123 (NTP)
one.one.one.one (
dns.google (
TCP port 53 (DNS)
UDP port 53 (DNS)
Optional - see details above about DNS

Firmware updates

The loggers (the actual devices in the fridges) do not have OTA upgradable firmware and can not be updated.

The gateway can be upgraded automatically by us. We target which gateways will be upgraded. Our rollout process is typically in stages:

  • roll out to our beta test sites to ensure stability.
  • progressively rollout to all sites over a number of days (or weeks) to ensure that any problems are picked up before a full rollout.


We have an article specifically on the security aspect of Clever Logger here.


  • Only temperature data is transmitted from our loggers to the gateway via BLE. This poses no security risk to your network.
  • Only temperature data is transmitted from our gateway to our cloud based server, and configuration data such as sampling rate is sent from the server to the gateway, and uses HTTPS.
  • Using options like a VLAN allow you to totally isolate our gateways if required.

Web app / mobile app considerations

The Clever Logger web app and mobile apps need access to a couple of domains to operate properly.


The following are the domains that the Clever Logger web app and mobile app currently need access to.

Domain / IP Details
cleverlogger.com and *.cleverlogger.com
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
Optional - error/performance tracking only

Push Notifications

To receive push notifications via the Clever Logger mobile app on Android, iOS and iPad OS, you may need to consider the below requirements for your platform. Most users won’t have to make any changes, but if you’re in a heavily locked-down IT environment, this may apply.

Details are available here:

Web Browsers

The Clever Logger web app should work on all modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. We do not support Internet Explorer, and we can not guarantee support for browsers older than two years.

Mobile App Updates

If you’re using the Clever Logger app on Android, iOS or iPad OS, we recommend that you enable automatic updates for the Clever Logger app.

We also recommend keeping your operating system up-to-date. We can only guarantee support for the last two major OS versions (we currently support more versions, but this could change due to OS and security factors).

Data Security FAQ


Clever Logger uses various international cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

There are two types of Clever Logger users: Organisation-wide and Site-specific. As the names suggest, Organsiation-wide users have access to everything in an Organisation, while Site-specific users can only see sites that have been assigned to them.

Users can be assigned different roles, such as ‘Admin’ or ‘Viewer’. Read more here.

Data is backed up to separate physical media. This is stored offsite in an access-controlled environment.

Yes. All development is done on a dedicated testing server so customers’ data is protected.


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What is NATA?

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is the recognised national accreditation authority for analytical laboratories and testing service providers in Australia. It is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides independent assurance of technical competence. 

NATA accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices .

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There are three options: Simple, Detailed and Gauge.


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