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Clever Logger Low Temperature Alarms

Getting low temperature alarms in Clever Logger? Here are some tips on what causes them and what you can do to fix or minimise them. Some relate to the equipment and some to staff.

What are low temperature alarms?

Clever Logger Low temperature alarm

This is what a low temperature alarm looks like on Clever Logger. 

If this appears on your notifications, your logger has recorded lower than usual temperatures from the environment it is sitting in.

When configuring your logger you would have set a temperature threshold – where a certain range would be considered safe and anything out from those parameters would be cause for concern.

When inputting these ranges into your logger you would have entered a delay when  these temperature alarms would notify their users.

Possible Causes

Clever Logger LowTemperature Alarms

The most common occurrences of low temperature readings often result from:

  • Overstocking.
  • Faulty circuits – i.e. defrost cycle and compressor.
  • The heating system is not configured correctly.
  • External temperatures and air flow are present in the environment.

Check for these signs and ensure regular maintenance and checks are done.

Do I need to do anything?

Clever Logger Temperature Alarms

It is always recommended to check on your stock when a low alarm is alerting you and rectify the issue immediately.

Ensure the environment is still ventilating correctly. If you suspect the cooling system is not working – contact your utilities representative and inform them of the problem.

It is also important to ask other colleagues if they were doing anything with the logger during the period it was alerting. Most of the time we get calls and find out a stocktake or re-stocking was in progress hence the fridge door was open.

Check the logger has not be moved or bumped from its original point of placement as it could be reading a hotspot in the environment.


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