How to create a shortcut to the Clever Logger dashboard

Quickly open the Clever Logger Dashboard in a new browser tab with these tips

Option 1. Bookmark Clever Logger

Creating a bookmark to a webpage is very simple. On most browsers, just press Ctrl+D and the page you’re on will be saved. You can then find the page by going to the Settings icon of the browser and choosing the Bookmarks section.

Option 2. Use the Bookmarks Toolbar

Most modern browsers will have a Bookmarks Bar than be permanently displayed at the top of the page. This is a great place to put links to frequently visited websites.

Turning on the Bookmarks Toolbar

If the toolbar is not already showing on your browser, look for a link in the Settings menu.

Screenshot from Google Chrome browser

In the Microsoft Edge browser, the toolbar is called the Favourites Bar, but it works exactly the same.

In most browsers, the bar can be switched off and on by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B.

To add a site to the bar, just drag the Padlock icon to the bar. 

You can rename the new bookmark by right-clicking on it and choosing the option from the dropdown.

Option 3. Create a desktop link

Shrink your browser window to where you can also see your computer’s desktop.

Drag the Padlock icon from the browser’s address bar to a free space on your desktop. This will create a shortcut to the site that you can double-click.

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