Sick of wasting time downloading vaccine temperature logs?


The CleverLogger nurse is a bit peeved

How much time do you waste each week checking your vaccine fridge?

What if there was a logger that did it ALL for you?

The CleverLogger nurse gets a lovely surprise

Checks the Temperature Every Few Minutes


Automatically saves the results for you

So you get ...

CleverLogger Never-needs-downloading

No Time Wasted Downloading

CleverLogger is a simple set-and-forget vaccine temperature logger

Set and Forget Logging

Aaaahhh! Who left the door open?!?

The CleverLogger nurse gets a nasty surprise

If something goes wrong, you'll know straight away

See Temperatures Anywhere


Get Immediate Alerts About Problems

... so there's time to save the day

(and the stock)​

The CleverLogger nurse hates paperwork

But what about the paperwork?
Are you spending too much time running reports?

Hey, this is CleverLogger so the reporting is all automatic (of course)

CleverLogger gives you Automatic-reporting

Get your temperature reports automagically by email

(Yes Queenslanders, you can have them twice a day)

And you get to choose the type of reports that suit you best:

  • Daily min/max
  • Graphs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Alarms

What people are saying about CleverLogger

A recent conversation from the Practice Managers' Facebook Group ...

The CleverLogger nurse with a syringe

Now let's put those vaccines to use

Single fridge systems are under $300

No, really.

CleverLogger will monitor your pharmacy or medical centre fridge (without you having to do anything) and send you automatic reports (without you having to do anything) and send you alerts if something goes wrong (in time for you to do something) for under $300.

No ongoing costs.

CleverLogger nurse doesnt know

How does it work?

CleverLogger is as easy as 1, 2,


1. Place the Logger

Simply place the Logger inside your refrigerator. The Logger will record temperature readings and automatically transmit them to the Gateway.

2. Connect the Gateway

The Gateway sits nearby and is connected to the internet. It receives data from the Logger and uploads it to the internet so you always know what the temperature is.

Sit back and relax...

Receive immediate notification of problems to your email and phone, view current and historical data, and download reports. Works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

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CleverNurse is jumping for joy

Too good to be true?

CleverLogger is developed and supported right here in Australia

You’ll get expert advice, fast delivery and great support

CleverLogger is sold and supported by an Australian company. You little ripper!

If you have any questions, call us on 1300 80 88 89