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What does the signal strength percentage mean?

In Clever Logger we show the signal strength, but what does it actually mean? We match it with a word to try and be more helpful, but should you care if the signal strength is "good"?

In Clever Logger we show you the signal strength in two ways:

  • A general description where we break it down into 4 categories
  • A percentage

In this article I will start with the 4 categories and what they mean. For most users this is what you need to know. I also include information on what the numbers are showing.

The categories of signal strength


There should be no problems at all with the logger communicating with the gateway. 

Practically, we would guess that the logger is within about 6m, probably the same room, and not blocked.

You don’t have to do anything. 

The percentage will be 60% to 100%. 60% is approximately 6m away from the gateway (line of sight), and 100% is where the logger is very close to the gateway.


The signal strength is still at a level that provides reliable communication with the server. 

You probably don’t have to do anything.

The percentage goes from 12% up to 60%. We may move the lowest level a bit, but our current experience is showing that  12% is still a good number.


This is the point at which communication is happening, but it isn’t strong.

We would encourage you to try and improve the signal strength by:

  • moving the gateway closer, 
  • moving the logger in the fridge closer to the front,
  • not lie the logger on a metal shelf,
  • ensure the gateway and logger aren’t surrounded by metal, water or ice 
The percentage on marginal is 6% to 10%.  By this stage, every percentage point is a significant difference, but you really are aiming to make a big jump in percentage.


Now we really recommend that yo do something to improve the signal strength.

There is enough signal coming through for us to get an occasional update, but we can’t guarantee a quick two way communication.

There is a good chance that we won’t be able to retrieve the log from the device if it goes offline. 

Investigate the options listed under “marginal”, and also consider:

  • adding another gateway,
  • using an external probe logger so the electronics are on the outside
  • using WiFi so the gateway can be moved closer
The percentage is under 5%. Each lower percentage will take you closer to a non-functional system. You really need to do something about it.


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What is NATA?

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is the recognised national accreditation authority for analytical laboratories and testing service providers in Australia. It is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides independent assurance of technical competence. 

NATA accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices .

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