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Managing Sites

Clever Logger makes it easy to manage a single fridge or a whole chain of hospitals.

Clever Logger is super scalable

Clever Logger is great for a single fridge, but it’s powerful enough to handle a whole chain of pharmacies or clinics, each with multiple fridges.

A single Compliance Manager can receive automatic reports about every fridge in the organisation, while local managers at each site can receive reports (and alerts) about just their own fridges.

Use the Settings menu to manager Organisations, Sites, Users and Groups.

The Settings menu

In your Clever Logger Dashboard, click on the Settings item in the menu.
settings menu

Click on Organisation


Choose an existing Organisation from the list, or click on the New Organisation* button to create a new one.

*Most companies will not need to create more than one organisation. This will primarily occur if you are managing installations for a number of separate client businesses.

In this Tab, you can change the name of an existing Organisation


A Site is generally a physical address

In this tab, you can manage individual Sites and the Users and Groups for that Site.

Choose a Site to edit.

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