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How Clever Logger works – an overview

Clever Logger is a completely automatic temperature logging system. This overview is a simple breakdown of how the system works.

Saving data straight to the internet

Clever Logger is different


Traditional temperature loggers store data in their internal memory. This means that, in order to read that data, the user needs to regularly download the logger’s contents to their computer. 

Clever Loggers save their data straight to the internet, so the temperature in your fridge or freezer is recorded and saved to the internet every few minutes.

Learning the jargon

Let’s start with the basics – learning your way around the different parts of Clever Logger.


On the left is the temperature-only logger. On the right is the temperature and humidity logger.

The loggers measure the temperature (and humidity, depending on the model) and broadcast the readings using Bluetooth, like an iPod broadcasting songs to a speaker.

Clever Logger Gateway-with-cables


The gateway is the link between your loggers and the internet. 

The gateway hears the data being broadcast by the loggers and saves it to your online account every few minutes, giving you a live log of temperatures.

Gateways need power and an internet connection – either with a network cable or using your office wi-fi.


Every aspect of your Clever Logger system is managed through a special website we call the Dashboard.

Here you can add gateways and loggers, configure alarms, create reports and manage users. Because this dashboard is just a website, there’s no special software to install or update.  You can log in on any type of computer using any browser from anywhere. You can even use a tablet or iPad.

The address is

Alarm / Alert

You can set upper and lower temperature limits for each of your loggers. For instance, with a vaccine fridge, you would set the lower alarm limit to 2°C and the upper alarm to 8°C. If the temperatures went outside these bounds you would be notified. You can also set alarms to notify you if the power goes out.


The Organisation is main entity that controls the account.

Clever Logger is really scalable. It works brilliantly for small organisations with just a single logger, but it is also capable of handling large organisations with multiple sites and multiple loggers at each site.

Organisation-level users have access to all the sites.


A site is a division within an organisation. It might be in the same building or on the other side of the country. 

Each site can have different users with different roles. So users at Site A cannot see data from Site B, and so on.


Users are defined by their email address – each user must have a unique email address. This address is used for login and for notification.

Users can have different levels of access to the various functions of Clever Logger, ranging from Admin (who can do everything) to Viewer (who can only view results).


A Location is what we call a logger that has been started and configured. Before it is configured, it is just a device.

Getting started

Clever Logger is easy to set up. Allow 10-15 minutes for these four starting steps


Creating a User Account

Your first step will be to set up a user account. For this, you will need an email address. 

You can add as many user accounts to Clever Logger as you like but each must have their own unique email address.



Adding your first Gateway

The next step is to add the first Gateway to your Organisation. The Gateway is the part that connects to the internet.

You can use ethernet (network cable) or wi-fi to connect.



Creating your first Location

Once the Gateway is connected, we should be able to see the Loggers.

You can configure each logger with alarm limits and notification groups. We call a configured logger a Location.



Creating Reports

Clever Logger reports are sent to your email inbox automatically.

Our report wizard will walk you step by step through the process.

You can create as many reports as you like.

Getting serious

Once  you’re up and running, it’s easy to customise your Clever Logger setup


Add more Gateways or Locations

Add additional sites and users

Manage your notification groups


Get alarms sent to your phone


Learn to read and understand your results

Manage alarms


You're going to love Clever Logger

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