Clever Logger Versus AQ Box

Clever Logger and AQ Box are both “next gen” solutions for monitoring vaccines. This shows their key similarities and differences, as well as provides a recommendation as to which one may be better for your pharmacy or GP.

How to sort and save Clever Logger report emails


Did we make reports obsolete? Probably. With old-fashioned loggers, it was vital for users to regularly download data reports from the logger and save them to their computer. This was necessary for two reasons… If the logger’s memory filled up, old data could be overwritten  If there were out-of-range temperatures, the user needed to read […]

Who owns the data and what do you do with it?

With Clever Logger, who owns the data? What do you do with it? Is it secure? Will other people have access to it? Will I be spammed? All important questions in the age of cloud data.

Running an “ice-slurry” type test at different temperatures

The infamous “ice-slurry test” The ice-slurry test is an often (ab)used test for thermometers and temperature loggers to see how accurate they are. The two big benefits of the ice-slurry test are: it provides a “reasonably” accurate and predictable temperature of 0°C it holds if for an extended period, giving the device time to settle […]