How long is the warranty?

How long is the warranty

Clever Logger products are robust and high quality. We provide full support and warranty them against failure.

How scalable is Clever Logger?

How scalable is CleverLogger

Clever Logger can be used by any sized organisation – from a small pharmacy with one fridge to a chain of hospitals, each with dozens of fridges. Reports and alerts can be centralised or distributed to individual sites as required.

What happens if the power goes out?

What happens if the power goes out

Even if the power or internet drops out, the CleverLogger keeps right on logging on its internal memory. As soon as the connection is restored, the saved data will be automatically uploaded.

Can I use Wi-Fi?

Can I use Wi-Fi

Loggers can’t connect directly to the internet, and we explain why on this page. But the Clever Logger Gateway definitely can connect to your office wi-fi. This means you can place it close to the Logger for best reception.