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Infinity Pharmacy Group

The Infinity Pharmacy Group is a rapidly growing pharmacy chain with over 100 pharmacies. They wanted to modernise and standardise how their vaccine fridges were monitored with an easy to use and affordable solution.

The Challenges

Brandon Cao from Infinity Group was assigned the task of updating the monitoring of vaccines across every pharmacy in the group.

About 100 stores

spread across Australia including city and country

with “mostly standardised”  networks

some locations were just a pain in the …,

staff are already busy

but “best practice” was needed in every pharmacy

Like many organisations, the Infinity Group has grown over the years. Their pharmacies had many methods of monitoring their vaccine fridges, and most of them were outdated.

Basically, they wanted a system that would notify them immediately a problem occurred and, apart from that, staff didn’t have to do much at all.

What Infinity Group was looking for

Infinity Group were after a modern temperature monitoring system that had features including:

Immediate alerts about power outages and temperature breaches.

Eliminate stock wastage by responding quickly.

Data automatically uploaded to the internet

Stop staff wasting time manually checking a logger.

Reports automatically sent to users.

Stop staff wasting time running reports.

Easy for busy pharmacists  to learn and use

Save time by having a system that is simple and intuitive.

A team effort

A supplier that will work with them to ensure success

Guaranteed support

Know that help is always just one call away

So how did the Clever Logger rollout go?

According to Brandon Cao, it was Clever Logger's outstanding customer service that made a world of difference.

“Clever Logger's Customer Service team put in a tremendous effort to help us roll out these loggers to all our 90+ pharmacies. A huge shout out to Nathaniel Lambxin who has spearheaded this rollout and project for The Infinity Group. His efficiency, initiative and problem solving has been a massive help for the group.”

Brandon Cao from The Infinity Group

The extra mile

Normally clients would set up their account and add users and sites, but because this was such an extensive rollout, we decided to step in and lend a hand.

We created the organisation account and added the 90+ sites. We added the users to the sites, and sent an email to each user with instructions on getting their store online.

We also had customised information sent to all users to explain what was happening, who to call for assistance, and tips on how to get the most from the system.

The final result

All this preparation paid off. and the rollout was a huge success. 

There were some minor problems with data access, but we worked closely with the Infinity Group’s IT people.

We asked Brandon for his assessment of how everything went.

Very well! A lot of hiccups on our end but this was managed very well by Nathaniel and team.”

The bottom line

"It is an easy decision; Clever Logger is the way to go. After doing much due diligence, Clever Logger was the most promising choice."

Clever Logger Gateway-with-cables

So what advice would Brandon give to organisations thinking about Clever Logger.

“Clever Logger is the way to go”

How can we help you?

If you are a large organisation that is wanting to transform how you monitor fridges, freezers and temperature sensitive items, then please contact us.

We can help you fully automate the collection of data, fully automate reporting, and notify you as soon as there is a problem.

For more information on how we can assist you, and to find out how to contact us just click on the button below:


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