Understanding the LED lights on the [cl] gateway

The LED lights on the Clever Logger gateway provide some useful information when trying to work out why a gateway won't go online.
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There are 2 sets of lights that can be found on the Clever Logger Gateway...



Is it on?

Has it started?



Is it connected?

Has it joined?

The Power Light

Technically the power light isn’t a “power” light. It provides some very simple information on what the software is up to. It should be on.

If the Power Light is:


Then your Gateway will be ON and can be configured for set-up. 

See either the Wi-Fi configuration section, or the ethernet LEDs if your device is still not online.


Then your Gateway will be OFF. 

The most likely causes are:

– power cord is disconnected,  or

– the power source is not turned on, or

– the fuse is blown, or

– black out

You must fix the power issue for the gateway to come online.


When the Gateway has successfully connected to a power source, you will see a series of light sequences that appear at the Power Light for a minute or so:

Startup Sequence

Green: Flashing

Red: Stable

Gateway is booting up Operating System

Green: Stable

Red: Flashing

Gateway is booting up application

Green: Flashing each second

Red: Stable

Gateway is on and operating normally

If your Gateway is still off, check to see if it is plugged in correctly at the source and on the device here:

Gateway power slot

What are these lights near my Network/Ethernet port?

The port labelled NETWORK on your Gateway is the spot where you will connect the ethernet cable (blue cable included in the kit) to your ethernet source. At the NETWORK port, there is a GREEN and YELLOW LED light. 

The port labelled NETWORK on your Gateway is the spot where you will connect the ethernet cable (blue cable included in the kit) to your ethernet source. 

At the NETWORK port, there is a GREEN and YELLOW LED light. 


The Green Light means...






a connection has been established between the Gateway and your internet

a cable has been plugged into the NETWORK port and is processing

no connection has been established between the Gateway and internet
(see below for solutions)

If your Gateway has successfully connected to via Ethernet, it will be visible in the “Overview” and “Gateways” tab on cloud.cleverlogger.com to the organisation you have registered it. You will see something like this:

The Yellow Light means...

if YELLOW LED is ON = 



your connection is receiving speeds around 100-Mbps

your connection is receiving speeds around 10-Mbps

NOTE: The YELLOW LED being ON or OFF does not strongly affect the connection from Clever Logger device to Gateway.

What if the network lights won't turn on?

The following are the questions and checks we would normally go through to try and identify the problem.

Was it previously working?


The gateway has been online, and has recently gone offline.

We are looking for “what’s changed?”

Has I.T. been on site?

They may have disconnected it at the patch panel.

Has someone been playing with the router/patch panel? 

They may have disconnected it.

Is the network cable still plugged into the wall and gateway?

Just unplug it and plug it back in to make sure.

Is your network still working?

If your computers don’t have internet access, then our gateways won’t either.


If none of these work, try turning the gateway off and back on again. And if that still doesn’t work, ask your staff these questions again. Chances are someone will say “oh, that’s right, I …”


This is the first time you are connecting the gateway and the network lights won’t turn on.

For smaller customers, you need to plug the gateway directly into your internet modem or router, or use WiFi. The supplied blue cable is there to help you, but keep in mind that you can use a longer or shorter one if that makes life easier.


For most customers, this is the realm of IT, but we will explain a bit of jargon to help with your conversation.

The network socket in the wall has a cable running back to the patch panel. This is NOT the router. Another cable is required to connect that lead in the patch panel to the router. Quite often there are plenty of spare wall sockets, but very limited ports free in the router.

Hopefully it is just a matter of physically making this connection on the patch panel. On some sites, there won’t be spare capacity on the router, and your IT department / person will advise on alternative solutions (and keep in mind you have WiFi has an option).

In some cases the cable to the patch panel doesn’t exist or has been cut.


Still not working?

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