Case Study: Restaurant


Cold room fail?

There’s nothing quite like stepping into a cold room the morning after.

Straight away you can smell that everything has to be thrown out. Great!

And then you will waste (no pun intended) the rest of the day buying new stock, but at least the restaurant will be closed because you have nothing to sell.

Can you really afford to leave it until the morning after?

What if you could have been told sooner?

There’s not many times that you want to be woken at 2AM and we wouldn’t do it unless we had to.

But if you head in now you have a chance to move your stock and save the day. 

But wait, why should it contact you? Why not notify your security company or an on-call staff member?

late night alert

Forget the cost of your stock - how much is your reputation worth?

If there is a blackout over night and your stock warms up, but then is cool again by the time you start work, how would you know?

If you give your patrons food poisoning, the cost of your stock is the last thing you’ll be worrying about.

A bad food safety reputation has ruined many restaurants – and the rise of social media means that bad news spreads like wildfire.

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