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Monitor temperatures in hard to reach places

Clever Logger Temperature Logger with External Probe

Ideal for cool rooms

It can be tough to get a temperature signal out of a good commercial cool room or freezer. This logger can sit outside the cool room as it has a probe that can be installed inside.



Requires Gateway to connect to the internet.
Remember, there are NO ongoing fees with Clever Logger.

Part Nos: CLX-01-10 and CLX-01-50

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CleverLogger CLX-01 Temperature Logger with External Probe
Quantity 1m Cable 5m Cable
10 or more $141.50 $160.50

No more manual downloading

Clever Logger to Gateway-to-Internet

Traditional loggers have to be manually downloaded to get their data.

Clever Logger changes that. The Bluetooth loggers broadcast their temperatures and the gateway picks them up and saves them to the internet every few minutes.

This gives you a “live” log of temperatures available on any internet device (computer, tablet, phone), anywhere in the world on the Clever Logger web site.

The website also gives you immediate alerts about problems and automatic reports to your email inbox.

Alerts to your email and phone

What if something goes wrong with the fridge and no one is manually checking it? Never fear, Clever Logger has you covered.

You can set up Clever Logger to send an email notification to one or multiple email addresses.

There is also a free app for iPhone and Android that can display an alert the instant there’s a problem.

You can be alerted about high and low temperatures and power loss.

Is this logger right for you?


For Clever Logger to work properly, you must be able to get a radio signal from the logger to the gateway.

But if the logger is inside a big metal box, like a commercial walk-in cool room, it can be almost impossible to get the signal out.

That’s where these loggers are great. You drill a hole through the cool room wall and pass the probe through, then seal the hole. The transmitting part of the logger is now outside the box and able to send data to the gateway.

Ideal for:

  • Cool rooms and freezers in restaurants, supermarkets and food manufacturers
  • Liquids
    • Cooling towers
    • Aquariums

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Temperature Logger Specifications
Part No
CLX-01-10 (1 metre cable) and CLX-01-50 (5 metre cable)
50mm x 35mm x 15mm
Model CR2450.
Replace every 12 months
Bluetooth 4.0
Temperature Range
-40°C to 60°C
Can operate up to 80°C for short periods
± 0.5°C (-20°C to +40°C), ±1°C (others)
256K = ~12,000 readings (approximately 41 days logging at 5 minute intervals)
Operating Temperature
-23°C to +60°C

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NATA accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices .

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There are three options: Simple, Detailed and Gauge.



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