Case Study: Vaccine Refrigerators

Are you still wasting time logging temperatures for the vaccine fridges...
Who has time for that?

Temperature loggers were meant to save time, but for many medical practices and pharmacies they became an extra burden. What went wrong?

Regular electronic loggers have to be taken out of the fridge and connected to a computer to have their data downloaded. That was fine if it happened only once a month, but there is increasing demand to do it daily. WHY?

But if that’s what you have to do, then do it with style! Clever Logger will automatically check the temperature every couple of minutes.

You never need to touch it (or even think about it).

Busy medical centres need automatic vaccine temperature logging

And if something does go wrong, you will know within minutes

The only time you even want to think about the temperature of your vaccine fridge is when it’s wrong. And when that happens, you want to know straight away – not when you check the logs a week later.

Clever Logger will send you an immediate notifications about temperature or power events via email or via the smartphone app. Phew!


And what if we could take away the wasted time in running reports

Clever Logger offers a number of different ways to manage accreditation reporting. You can jump in and generate an ad hoc report for any custom date range. But that takes time!

Or, Clever Logger can automatically email you a daily, weekly or monthly PDF report on each refrigerator. How clever is that? You don’t have to do a thing.

Are you ready to start saving time?

Clever Logger is simple to order, simple to pay for, simple to use and (best of all) maintenance-free – just set and forget.

Clever Logger is Australian owned, developed and supported. It’s our job to make sure you can get on with doing your job.

Ditch your old loggers and make the move the Clever Logger today.


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