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This isn't for all transport companies!

This is the ideal solution for a company that wants to automate their record keeping. It will also provide alarms, but only when the trucks are back at base.

If you are after live updates from your fleet in real time, and instant notifications for when they are too hot or cold, then this is NOT the right solution for you. We hope to be there one day with everything you need, but we aren’t there yet. There are systems out there that give you live fleet positioning and real time alarming. Clever Logger isn’t one of them. 

But if you are after an affordable automated logging system, then Clever Logger is the perfect solution.

Affordable temperature logging for transport fleets

Keeping a fleet of refrigerated truck on the road and on time is hard enough without the added hassle of logging temperatures for each one.

Screw a Clever Logger to the inside of the roof of each truck. Mount a Clever Logger base station in the ceiling of your loading dock. Each time your trucks pull up at the loading dock, all their temperature data is uploaded to the server.

No clipboards, no forms, no data entry. No taking a logger out of a truck and plugging it into a computer. It all just happens. Now that’s clever.

Chicken truck
CleverLogger ensures frozen food is safe for consumers

Keep your drivers and your customers happy

Drivers want quick turnarounds and less paperwork. Take the hassle of temperature logging out of their hands and put it in ours.

Got a couple of depots? Mount base stations in each one to pick up data at either end of the trip. Get temperature reports the instant the truck arrives.

Got a customer who wants real time data? Mount a base station at their warehouse and automatically email them a temperature report on their delivery before the driver even climbs down from the cab.

Just think of the time you'll save

Across your company, how much time is spent logging temperatures? Imagine if that time was cut to basically nothing. If all the paperwork was turned into a single automated daily or weekly report emailed straight to your admin team.

It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? But it can happen and happen simply.

Our satisfaction guarantee means you can try the Clever Logger system risk-free on a couple of trucks to start with before any company-wide rollout. If Clever Logger doesn’t work just as we promise, hand it back and take your refund.


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