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How to add or remove recipients on an existing report

Step-by-step instructions on how to add new recipients to your existing reports.

Before we get started...

First you will need to add the new recipient as a user on your organisation. Detailed instructions can be found here: Adding more users to your organisation

This can be done by going to Settings -> Users -> Invite User

Once they have accepted the invitation and set-up an account then you will be able to proceed with adding the new recipient.

Step 1. Go to Reports and select your report


To add the new recipient:

– Go to Reports on the blue side-bar on the left

– Click on the report that you want them to receive

If you aren’t seeing any reports listed this may be because you have none scheduled.

See here for how to create a report.

Step 2. Edit the report

– Click Edit in the top right corner

Step 3. Go to the "Select Recipients" page

– Continue clicking the Next button until you reach the Select Recipients page.

Step 4. Select the required recipients

– Tick the user you wish to add onto receiving this report

– Press Next once more and finish updating the report

Tip: If you can not see the user you wish to add as a recipient, it may be because they have not set-up their account yet.

Step 5. Save the changes

Press Next until you reach the end of the setup wizard.

Warning: If you close the page without going to the end of the wizard, your changes will not be saved.

Need further assistance?

If you have any issues please contact us on 1300 30 33 34. 


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