Creating a Report

Recurring reports

Recurring reports are the real standout feature in Clever Logger. No more downloading results to your computer – everything just happens automatically.

The process is almost identical to the On-Off Report, except you need to choose a Report Frequency.

  • Monthly Reports are sent at midnight at the end of the last day of the month.
  • Weekly Reports are sent at midnight at the start of the day you choose.
  • Daily Reports are sent at the time you select
Hint: To receive reports twice a day, create two daily reports with different times.

One-off reports

You can create one-off reports at any time and email them to yourself or anyone in your organisation.

  1. In the CleverLogger portal, click on Reports in the menu.
  2. Choose your Report Type
  3. Choose Report Period
  4. Select which Locations to include
  5. If you would like the Report to be emailed to you or someone in your organisation, chose your Recipients
  6. Give the Report a Title
  7. Choose a Report Format

CleverLogger will generate your report. On the next page, you can Download the report immediately in your browser or hit Finish to have it emailed to your chosen address.

Report terms

Report Type

  • Min-max – a Min-max Report shows the minimum and maximum temperatures each day. (PDF sample)
  • Min-max + Extremes – this report shows the minimum and maximum temperatures each day plus any results that are outside the alarm limits. This is the most common type of report. (PDF sample)
  • All Results – as the name suggest, this report has all the data from the chosen time period (PDF sample)

Report Period

Click on the Date Range to open the Calendar.

In the drop-down menu below the calendar are a selection of common presets.

Alternatively, you can choose a custom date range by clicking once on your start date and then clicking on your end date.

Hit the Apply button to confirm your selection.