2019 was good...

Last year we finally launched Clever Logger and we were blown away by the response. 

After nearly 20 years of selling temperature loggers, we knew that many of our customers wanted to “go to the next level”. Thanks to some really questionable changes in some industries, temperature loggers had become more of a burden than a help. Having a fully automated system fixed these problems, and our existing customers converted in droves.

...and 2020 is going to be better

Now we know that we have a product that makes a real difference for users. 2020 is the year for CleverLogger to really take off.

And to help it along, we have a raft of new features in the pipeline.

Longer Range

Our current Bluetooth Loggers are great for smaller locations like pharmacies and GPs, but have been struggling in large warehouses and restaurants.

So first cab off the rank for 2020 is a long range version of CleverLogger. It will be totally different hardware, but will still have the same great front end, reports, and user experience.

New reports

Some customers have requested new reports that will transform how they manage the cold chain. We have also designed more summary reports to help head office.

If you have any requests, just let us know and we will see what we can do.

Extended alarm capabilities

This is going to be HUGE. We are going to put the alarm capabilities on steroids.

New alarm features will include repeating notifications, escalations, arming/disarming, and scheduling. We will even be able to call your home phone.

Dual input for vaccines

Strive For Five is a bit of a joke and only gives you 15 minutes to respond to a temperature breech.

With our new loggers you will be notified when the air temperature is too warm, but will be logging the vaccine temperature. This will give you time to respond and fix problems before having to dispose of your vaccines.

User Interface Changes

We like to think that CleverLogger is easy to use, but can always be easier. That’s why we have a number of small and big changes in mind to help you get the most out of the system.

And we would like you to join us for the journey

We are always looking for ways to improve CleverLogger. 

Sometimes it may be a big change or a new feature.

Other times it is a simple matter of changing the description of something, or adding a sentence to explain what something is.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know. It can be big or small, but if it makes your life easier, we would like to know what it is.

So please join us in 2020 as we watch CleverLogger mature into the world’s best temperature logging solution.

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