Adding a Gateway

The Gateway is the connection between the Logger and the Internet

The CleverLogger Gateway is the connection between the Logger and the Internet

You can have as many Gateways as you like on your account. Each Gateway can talk to multiple Loggers as long as they are in range.

To add a Gateway, begin by logging in to the Dashboard at

Adding a CleverLogger Gateway

Choose Gateways from the menu and the click the +Add button.

Give the Gateway a name. If you have more than one Gateway, choose something that will help you identify it easily, like the name of the room it is in.

The ID and PIN can be found on a sticker on the base of the Gateway.


Setting an Offline Delay

To allow for fluctuations in internet service, it is usually best to set a small delay on offline notifications – that way you won’t end up with an alert every time the internet drops out for a moment.

Notification Group

Notification Groups are a really important concept in Clever Logger. These are the people who will be notified if the Gateway goes offline (in the event of a power outage, for instance).

You can either add a new Notification Group, or click on an existing one to select it.

Only Users who have accepted the Clever Logger invitation can be added to a Notification Group.